Our comprehensive range of EV charging accessories includes:

  • Key switch control up to 32A 
  • WallPod 13A Socket Pod
  • LED Rings
  • Galvanised steel mounting post
  • Surface Mount box section post
  • Pedestal Galvanised Steel Ground Mounting Base
  • Remote wall mount Type 1 charge gun holster
  • Remote wall mount Type 2 charge gun holster
  • 32A Type 2 Socket complete with hinged flap
  • 20A Type 1 Socket complete with hinged flap
  • C20A 30mA 1P+N 2MOD Type A 10kA RCBO
  • C40A 30mA 4P 7.5MOD Type A 6kA RCBO
  • 100A 2P 2MOD DIN-Mount Isolator
  • 100A 4P 4MOD DIN-Mount Isolator
  • 45A 1MOD 1phase 1000imp/kWh Digital DIN Rail
    Mounted Meter – MID B
  • 16A IEC 61851-1 Mode 3 Communication Module
  • 16/32A 3P Contactor
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Service Selection Button
  • Hatch Lock
  • EV Charging Cables
  • Adapters & Conversion Leads
  • Charging Cable Carry Bags
  • EV Driver Signage
  • Protection Barriers – Surface and Ground Mounted
  • Car and truck stops

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